Newt Gingrich just brought Hillary to her knees with a shocking and very accurate prediction about her shady Russian past catching up with her.
Really for the media to basically ignore this story as they are all about Trump and his alleged Russian ties is beyond the pale.
But as Newt explains Hillary’s Russian problems run deep. And she may be running out of places to hide.
According to Newsmax, Newt said it is hard to see how deep the corruption goes in the shady Russia uranium deal, but we can be sure it goes very deep.
Appearing on Fox Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” Newt got right after it.
“I have a very simple test for Congress,” said Gingrich. “Make the Clinton Foundation publish all of its donations everywhere in the world and publish all their expenditures.”
There is no reason why not to if they are clean. And if not we will finally know the truth behind the supposed slush fund.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant. And public dislosure removes all doubt so there is no good reason not to.
“The more you learn about this stuff, the sicker it gets, and the clearer it is. We’ll have to have a very profound, I think, investigation of the whole thing… this is so much sicker and more twisted and more warped. You apparently had the Clinton’s taking millions of dollars. Bill Clinton got $500,000 for one speech. Twice his usual fee. They believe they got $135 million. That number hasn’t been verified.”
Correct. We should be able to get the simple answers that would prove what really went on.
Newt then spoke about Hillary and The DNC’s relation to the dodgy dossier noting that Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s “Lawyer has trained her very well. She has memorized one sentence and repeat that one sentence as long as she can. ”
Before adding the ominous and accurate prediction that put the fear of God in Hillary,
“There is something deeper here.”
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