Nature has numerous cures to diseases and health issues , so we can use opportunity and try to cure cancer and other diseases using its remedies.
By everything we consume our health is affected . So , it is very important to know the difference between acidic and alkaline foods because it affects the body and its functioning. Namely, the acidic environment in the body is like a magnet for some diseases, especially cancer, for it can develop and grow only in acidic environment. Alkaline food,  creates conditions for good health and Ph balance.

Alkaline diet is the best way to protect ourselves from such dangerous diseases. Even in advanced phase, alkaline diets can assist in the successful treatment of cancer.
Toxic foods disturb the body balance, and thus increase the risk of cancer, which leads to numerous diseases. Acidic foods change the PH balance in the body and cause cancer, for cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment.
Eliminate foods high in sugars because it  is the main culprit for the development of cancer. Cancer cells feed on sugars.
Consume foods that can improve your overall health and prevent the development of cancer and many other chronic diseases. This means that your diet should be rich in more fruits,  grains,  vegetables . Moreover, you should reduce or completely eliminate processed meat products and red meat.
Destroy cancer cells by regularly consuming a juice of green leafy vegetables. The best results will be achieved if you consume it in the morning on an empty stomach.
If you are already been diagnosed with cancer, consume this juice three times a day on an empty stomach before meals.
Its preparation is simple, but its effects are remarkable:
Half a cup of water
3 kale leaves
1 lemon
A handful of spinach
How to  prepare :
In a blender put all the ingredients and mix everything well. Make homogeneous mixture. Consume it immediately. Enjoy your health elixir!