Chewing a chewing gum can cause symptoms of temporomandibular disorder, which includes pain in your jaw connected to the muscles for chewing and the joints which connect the mandibule with the skull.

An excessive usage of any group of muscles or any joint can cause pains and problems. It can happen that the jaw, head and neck muscles cramp, so in time they can also cause a headache or pain in your ears or teeth, say the experts, writes “Anadolu Agency”.

Chewing gum should not be chewed only on one side of the jaw and more than 20 minutes, because in that way it can cause muscle deformation, so what is recommended is an equivalent chewing, using the whole jaw.

But, if the consummation of this product is moderate, it cannot cause some permanent damage. Experts say that problems with the jaw, because of its form, mostly have girls and women in their middle ages.

Dentists also warn about the sugar in chewing gum, which causes caries, so his problem can be lowered if you use chewing gum without sugar.

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