1 The Marriage Line is a small horizontal line on the edge of the palm between the base of the pinkie finger and the Love Line. Some people have more than one line. It is not significant how many lines there are, because all shallow lines can be ignored if there are one or two prominent lines.


If there are more than six shallow lines, and none is prominent, it indicates complicate and messy marriage situations. If there are two equally prominent lines, the person is prone to love-triangle situations.

2 The longer the Marriage Line is, the pickier the person is in selecting a mate, more demanding of his/her spouse, and has more pressure from the marriage. If the line ends below the ring finger and touches the Sun Line, it indicates having good in-laws who will bring wealth and fame. However, if it is longer and it crosses the Sun Line, it has negative effect on wealth and fame. 

3  If the line has split ends, it indicates split-up or devoice.

 If there are circular creases on the line, it indicates separation during a relationship.

5  If the line curves upward at the end, it indicates lack of motivation to get married