Find out the right exercise for your body shape. Let's start by scrolling below:
1. Spoon/Pear shape body
A full bodied bottom and slim abs and arms. With wider hips and thighs, narrower shoulders, wider bottom but smaller bust.
Ideal Exercises:
- Jumping jacks or jumping rope to make your heart pumping.
- Push ups by doing three sets of 10 can add shape and definition to your arms and pecs.
- Other workout is brisk walking with no incline.
Advisable Sports:
- Soccer and in-line skating, play for half an hour. These sports will make your thighs and hips rock solid without adding any bulk to it.
Fashion Gear:
Show off your etched upper body by wearing fitted tees and shorts.
2. Cone/Apple body
If you have slender legs and broad shoulder then you have a cone shape which is an opposite of spoon body type.
Ideal Exercises:
- Spinning for 30-40 minutes. Then lunges and squats with weights, if you can do three sets of 10, this will strengthen your lower half.
- Do lots of reps with very light weights for about 4 pounds can make your back, shoulders, and arms more ripped but not bigger.
- Other workout are jumping rope, slow walking on inclines and stationary biking.
Advisable Sports:
- Tennis or any racquet sports played for 30 minutes and golf with no cart.
Fashion Gear:
Shorts are suitable for your legs. And a sweatshirt or shirt will do.

3. Ruler (Rectangle)/Athletic Body
Evenly proportioned, a bit boyish except for a possibly poochy belly.
Ideal Exercises:
- Long distance running can make your frame lean, a 30 minutes run will do.
- Sit-ups that can strengthen the abs, do four sets of 20.
- Other workouts are jumping rope with weighted ropes, stationary bikes, stepping, and elliptical machine.
Advisable Sports:
- Volleyball and basketball that will engage your whole body. Play for 30 minutes, plus the reaching and stretching will work wonders in your torso.
- Long distance swimming and rollerblading are other sports to try.
Fashion Gear:
Loose tanks with capri yoga pants, a perfect combo to show your terrific arms and legs.
4. Hourglass body
Chest and hips are curvy and proportional plus a narrow waist.
Ideal Exercises:
- Jumping rope that can make you svelte allover. You can start with 50 rotations and work up to 300.
- Riding a stationary bike is another good exercise with light resistance for 30 minutes.
- Other workouts to try are fast walking with no incline and stationary bike with low resistance.
Advisable Sports:
- Long distance swimming (crawl stroke), snowboarding and dancing for half an hour for your whole body workout and to build endurance.
Fashion Gear:
Sports bra with great support but stylish to show your midriff.